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Squirrels' Homework



 Squirrels' Homework Page

Hello Squirrels!
This is the page you need to visit to find your homework details and information each week - just in case you missed them in school or can't quite remember everything you need to do. Don't forget that there will always be spare copies of everything in class too. 

Term 5 Week 3
Set Friday 13th May    Due in Weds 18th May


You've got a choice this week, Squirrels.

Your task is to discover and neatly list 20 new facts on either

    1. The First Moon Landing (1969)




2. The Queen's Coronation (1953)
    You've learned quite a bit about this before. 






Both of these were momentous, televised twentieth-century events that changed the world. Enjoy finding out lots more about them! 

Some of you asked if you could do 10 facts on each subject instead of 20 on one. Yes, definitely! 

Some of you asked if you could do more than 20 facts in total. Yes, definitely!



Your ongoing usual tasks:

As always, Y4, you have your

  Multiplication Check Practice 

and I have asked you to please keep a record of your scores in your HomeSchool book. 

Y5, you could use this link too, just to check how well you might get on.

Then there's

Doodle Maths

You all need to get to the Green Zone showing that you've hit this week's target. Then you need to stay there! 10 minutes a day will manage that and be really good for your maths confidence and understanding too. I recently reset the baseline assessment for a lot of you so you'll find that the tasks waiting for you will be right for you now.



Remember to read 3 times or more each week and be sure you've got it signed.
There are so many amazing books just waiting for you to find them. Reading lots will definitely help your writing too. 

If you're not sure what to read next, our Class Page has some great recommendations.


Times Tables with Purple Mash

You can use Monster Multiplication, 2Race, Tables Toons or the Multiplication Check. Have fun and build your speedy recall skills.
Knowing your tables really well is an essential Maths tool!


And there's Spelling Practice to do every Mon - Thurs too.


Past Homework Set...

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