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Squirrels' Home-Learning Page


Hello to any Squirrels who are working at home for a while!

If there are reasons why you need to be at home instead of in school at the moment, here are lots of tasks to do so that you can keep up with your learning while you're not with us in class.

We're missing you lots and look forward to having you back with the rest of us as soon as you're able!





Each day, remember to practise your tables, read lots and make sure you're in the Green Zone on   and all up to date with  

This Week's Homework   and    This Week's Spellings


If you still haven't yet done it, please make sure you've completed all the homework that's been set in the last couple of weeks. You'll find the information for all those tasks at the bottom of the Homework Page


Term 4 Week 6:

As well as DoodleMaths, there's Purple Mash for your Monster Multiplication, Multiplication Check and 2Race. For Year 4 there's your Multiplication Check Practice to do and Year 5s you can try that too.

We're working with fractions this week. Follow these as a good way to keep up with what we're doing in class. These will be updated through the week.

Y4 Tues video Y4 Tues worksheet  

Y5 Tues video Y5 Tues worksheet   

There's last week's Arithmetic papers as well, in case you missed those.

Y4 Arithmetic  Y4 AnswersY5 Arithmetic    Y5 Answers

and there's a Multiplication and Division Consolidation project to do too:

Year 4Year 5


For something especially tricky, there's always the Ultimate Times Tables Challenge!



Written Tasks: 
You should be completing your 3 Bridges Non Chronological Report on Clifton Suspension Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge

Check these:  Non Chronological report features  useful sentence starters and the WAGOLL so that your writing is correctly composed. 

Of course, there's also the Dick King Smith centenary writing competition entry to do too.
The link will tell you all you need to know so read the instructions very carefully and then write your 100 words. Remember, it's just what happened next, you're not completing the whole story!! 



On Weds and Thurs we'll be doing a new Quick Write Task based around the Bristol Basin - another amazing link between NYC and Bristol. There will be resources here for you then.




We're finally facing Logonator and working to save the world from his cunning time crimes. Your 2Dos will show you your missions so don't delay! Remember to hand in your work if you get stuck and I'll help you and show you how to get unstuck! This  LOGO Instructions sheet might help




Have a look at this Keith Haring PPT and then draw a row of 5 Haring-inspired dancing figures.

In class we're beginning our textiles project and weaving with wool. This link to TateKids will show you how we're going about that. Start at home and bring in your loom when you're in. 


In DT we're looking at the design and structure of Suspension Bridges and will complete these worksheets.


For your online safety revision, travel round Interlandagain to prove how  Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave you are when you use the internet. If you have a printer, print off your certificates as you earn them and then please bring them into school when you're back.



Until further notice, this page will be regularly updated so that it is in step with what we are doing in class.
Parents, if you need paper copies of any of this then please either email me or the office and we'll arrange to get that to you asap. Thank you!