Welcome to Squirrels' Class Page!

Class Teacher: Mrs Howell
Class TA: Mrs Butler

Hello Squirrels and all those people who are helping you to manage and organise your Home-Learning at the moment. I hope you're all well and not finding all of this too overwhelming or bewildering. It's certainly been an unexpectedly different way of starting our time together! As I'm lucky enough to know you all already, I'm certain that we're all going to be absolutely fine as we become a new class in this way for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing the work you're all doing and to hearing lots from you and your families over the next few weeks, but actually I'm especially looking forward to seeing you all again!

As always, let me know if you need any help with anything. Parents, I'll check the Class Mailbox regularly and will call to see how everything's going as well. Children, you can pass on messages through your parents or through Purple Mash too of course. 

Here are: the general Daily Planning Booklet that you have for your first pack and the link to the Home-Learning Page where you'll find lots of extra information, details and support for your work, whether you're doing that at school or at home. 

Squirrels: Term 3 Weeks 1 and 2 Squirrels: Home Learning Page

 Squirrels: Term 3 Weeks 3 and 4

Whether you're at home or at school, all our work in Terms 3 and 4 will still stem from our Topic Web and the learning planning that's set in place for that. You've already been asking and sending in some fabulous questions for our research, so I think there's a lot of great historical learning ahead!  

                                   Traders & Invaders: Anglo-Saxons & Vikings 

You also need to make sure you keep reading and enjoying great books. You can re-read old favourites, try a new author, start a new series and explore the non-fiction world. There will be a Book blog on Purple Mash for you to recommend your favourite books to each other too.

If you're deciding on your next book, take a look at these suggestions to give you some ideas.
50 Recommended Reads for Year 4  50 Recommended Reads for Year 5

When we're all back in class together, we'll still be reading the brilliant:

"A story of friendship, hope and the importance of kindness...a story full of heart and humour, told from a unique perspective. This is an exceptional book" 


And I've got lots of ideas for what we'll read next!

If you want to discover a world of new facts & information, these Non-Fiction Booksand these websites are a really good place to start:

National Geographic Kids - for a good look at our amazing world

DK Find Out - for new facts about so many things

Make Your World Bigger - an amazing adventure of exploration and discovery from sharks, the oldest desert on earth and even the humble baked bean! 

*Remember to check that visiting these sites fits in with your home & family computer rules.*


Staying Safe Online
Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:


And children, you can keep practising your online safety skills too: 



Don't forget to take a look at this lovely letter that Mrs Roberts has written to you all.


In our Collective Worship at the end of Friday 20th March 2020, as we closed for the first time, we heard this traditional Blessing prayed for our whole school. It's really good to remember it again as we're in separate places and a strange time once more. Take care everyone - stay well, safe and happy. See you soon!